Aaron Hodson

Why Johnny Walker?

Whenever you sit down to write a testimonial for someone in a professional environment the challenge becomes how do you best describe someone so the potential client gets a true feel for whom that person is, what he or she represents and will that person be in a better place for knowing them.

 I have had the privilege to get to know Johnny’s business very well I think the best way to describe him professionally is to tell you what I see in him as a person.

 Johnny is a person, who is not afraid to challenge the normal way of thinking, adapts to change incredibly well, and constantly, to a fault, always sees the upside of every situation in the light of how it will affect and benefit other people.

The values that he holds are what push him every day to do more and be more for the people around him. He puts people first, always does the right thing and without question always brings a bit of fun and laughter to those around him.

Johnny understands, that you are your business and everything you do speaks volumes about your character. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Johnny for anyone who is looking to work with him.

Who he is as a person, is the way he drives and operates his business and for anyone who has the privilege to work with him, you will be better off for the experience.

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

 Aaron Hodson

Performance Coach