Michael Hoffman

July 31 , 2018

 Michael Hoffman

1193 W. Standage Dr.

Payson , Az .  85541

This letter is being written as a letter of recommendation and reference for Johnny Walker who I have

known for over 30 years. In the time that I have known Johnny he has gone on to become one of my closest dearest friends. I have also had numerous business dealings with Johnny in that time as well.

Johnny is one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Not only is he a dear friend of myself and my family he is also a devoted father and husband. His family has always been #1.

That being said ,  I would like to address his abilities as an excellent business man and truly one of the best real estate professionals in the business. Johnny cares about his clients in a way that goes beyond most people in his industry . His concern is always for his clients if they are buyers or sellers. He has an uncanny ability to sense good from bad and right from wrong in his industry . When dealing with Johnny you will never feel that his commission is the most important thing on his mind. What he cares about the most and will show time and time again is you , the client.

You can trust Johnny to take care of business from the beginning to the end as a true professional leaving no stones unturned.

It has been my pleasure to have him in my life as one of my best friends and the only real estate agent that I will ever use.

Please feel free to contact me if any one has any questions in regard to Johnny Walker.

Sincerely ,

Michael Hoffman